These are the GIT repositories for some of my various free software projects, and some other projects I hack on or just find useful to have local copies of. Feel free to browse them here.

The primary source for browsing these projects is There's a similar browser at which might be faster, or more available, but very slightly less up-to-date.

Project foo can be cloned using any of the following URLs:

The https://… URLs are recommended if you can use them, because they provide a measure of authenticity (as well as the obvious privacy benefits).

In order to build many of these projects, you'll need to build and install cfd, and quite possibly one or more of the libraries mLib and catacomb. You'll also need recent-ish Autoconf, Automake and Libtool, and the Autoconf archive. General procedure is as follows:

If you wanted to build Debian packages, run mdw-setup –d instead. This will skip making a build directory, which is good because otherwise it interferes with the Debian build process. The various debian/rules targets should work OK after that.

Please mail me patches!

List all projects in 'doc/'
Project Description Owner Last Change
doc/deny Deniably authenticated asymmet... Mark Wooding 10 years ago
doc/ips Introduction to Provable Secur... Mark Wooding 15 years ago
doc/modes New proofs for old modes Mark Wooding 15 years ago
doc/texmf Essential stuff to put on... Mark Wooding 21 months ago
doc/wrestlers The Wrestlers protocol: paper... Mark Wooding 2 years ago