2006-11-01 Mark Woodingips.cls: Fix the page size of the PDF output. master
2006-11-01 Mark WoodingMerge ponder:doc/ips
2006-11-01 Mark Woodingauth-mac: Rewrite the stuff about universal hashing.
2006-09-12 Mark WoodingRemove unnecessary $2^{-L}$ term from the AXU-hashing...
2006-03-02 Mark WoodingKill obsolete setup script; set up gitiginore.
2006-03-02 Mark WoodingMakefile: Do subdirectory builds correctly.
2006-03-02 Mark WoodingExpunge revision histories.
2006-03-02 mdwenc-ies: Various tweakings and tidyings. svn
2006-03-02 mdwcls: Move amssymb earlier to prevent interference.
2004-09-04 mdwThe Great Upheaval -- step 1. 1.1.1
2002-07-17 mdwVarious small fixes.
2002-02-24 mdwNew build system.
2002-02-24 mdwIgnore new files.
2002-02-24 mdwPut bibliography database list in one place.
2002-02-24 mdwMove most of the hacking into `mdwslides.dtx'.
2002-02-24 mdwNew build system.
2002-02-03 mdwMiscellaneous fixes.
2002-01-30 mdwMD hashing diagram. Suggestion of making a diagram...
2002-01-30 mdwEncryption mode diagrams.
2002-01-30 mdwMiscellaneous rewordings and fixings.
2001-10-31 mdwFix bugs.
2001-10-12 mdwFix typos. Replace proof that PRPs are PRFs. Other...
2001-10-02 mdwTurn .sty to .cls, use .cfg files for config, add no...
2001-10-02 mdwRemove iff question.
2001-10-02 mdwinitial version