2012-01-22 Mark Woodingkeyutil.c: Remove stray tabs and trailing space from...
2012-01-22 Mark Woodingkeyutil.c: Only copy the shared parts of a parameters...
2012-01-22 Mark Woodingkey-data.[ch] (key_copydata): New function copies filte...
2012-01-22 Mark Woodingkey-attr.c (key_setkeydata): Decref after incref.
2012-01-22 Mark Wooding.gitignore: Ignore `ylwrap'.
2011-10-02 Mark Woodinghashsum.1: Write some notes about compatibility with...
2011-10-02 Mark Woodinghashsum.1: Fix counting error (left over from some...
2011-10-02 Mark Woodinghashsum.c: Optional progress indicator for large files.
2011-09-01 Mark Woodingmptext.c: Fix hopeless incorrectness in raw base conver...
2011-07-05 Mark WoodingMakefile.m4: Fix linking problems.
2011-05-20 Mark Woodingtiger-mktab.c: Don't have printf swallow a kludge64...
2011-05-20 Mark Woodingghash.h: Fix GH_HASHSTR64*.
2009-04-22 Mark Woodinggdsa: Include "dsa.h" for dsa_h2n.
2009-04-22 Mark Woodingperftest: Document the `-q' option for disabling checking.
2008-12-26 Mark WoodingMakefile: Link tests against stuff like -lm.
2008-12-26 Mark Woodingperftest: Optionally disable group checking.
2008-03-18 Mark WoodingInfrastructure: Switch over to pkg-config.
2008-02-01 Mark Woodinggdsa: Fix the conversion of hashes to integers to confo...
2008-01-31 Mark Woodinghashsum: Write directives when hashing a list of files...
2008-01-31 Mark Woodingtests/gdsa: Test from P1363.
2007-10-30 Mark Woodingectab.in: Add previously unacceptable curves from X9.62.
2007-02-23 Mark Woodingec-info: Better checking of embedding degrees.
2007-02-21 Mark Woodingec-info: Add trailing newline to error message.
2007-02-21 Mark Woodingprimeiter: New functions for iterating over small primes.
2007-02-21 Mark Woodingkeysz-conv: Conversions between different kinds of...
2007-02-21 Mark Woodingkeysz.h: Extract key-size stuff into a separate header...
2007-02-21 Mark Woodingmpbarrett: Mark newly-split d as UNDEF.
2007-02-21 Mark Woodingmpbarrett: Fix memory leak in early exit from mpbarrett...
2007-02-21 Mark Woodingmpbarrett: Found mpbarrett_reduce hanging on this testcase.
2007-02-19 Mark Woodinggroup-parse: Emit useful error messages when parsing...
2007-02-19 Mark WoodingA number of small bug fixes, some motivated by compiler...
2007-02-19 Mark Woodingmp-gcd, gf-gcd: Tweak memory management subtly.
2007-02-10 Mark Woodingmp-jacobi: Implement Kronecker symbol.
2007-01-29 Mark Woodingec-info: Overhaul elliptic curve domain parameter checking.
2007-01-29 Mark Woodingcleanup: Big pile of whitespace fixes, all at once.
2007-01-17 Mark Woodingec-bin (ec_binproj): Make curve setup faster.
2007-01-16 Mark WoodingModify syntax of field and curve specs to reserve `/'.
2007-01-16 Mark Woodingmodexp: Implement simple mp_modexp function.
2007-01-16 Mark Woodinggenlimits: New program to generate useful limit MPs...
2007-01-16 Mark WoodingMerge branch 'fixes'
2007-01-16 Mark Woodingmpint: Fix misbehaviour on larger-than-mpw integer...
2007-01-16 Mark WoodingFix various assumptions about mpw sizes.
2007-01-16 Mark Woodingutils/mpreducetests.py: Tool to generate unpleasant...
2007-01-16 Mark Woodingpgroups: Ship a keyring file containing the custom...
2007-01-16 Mark Woodingignore: tinymp build tree for small-word-size MP library.
2006-12-06 Mark WoodingMerge branch 'master' of /home/mdw/public-git/catacomb
2006-12-06 Mark Woodingrijndael: Make implementation big-endian.
2006-11-27 Mark Woodingprime groups: Fix tests
2006-11-22 Mark Woodinginfra: Ignore possible profiling build.
2006-11-22 Mark WoodingMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://metalzone.distorted...
2006-11-22 Mark Woodingkeyutil: Allow explicit setting of key-id.
2006-11-22 Mark Woodingptab: Replace the Catacomb groups.
2006-09-20 Mark Woodingnoise: Fix freewheel generator's use of setitimer(2).
2006-05-13 Mark Woodingcatcrypt: Increase encryption buffer to 64K.
2006-05-13 Mark Woodingcatcrypt: Implement symmetric key-encapsulation and...
2006-05-13 Mark Woodingcc-kem: Fix memory leak in DH KEMs.
2006-04-04 Mark Woodingmpreduce: Don't crash if we've accumulated no instructions.
2006-04-04 Mark Woodingmpreduce: Don't stop bit scanner too early.
2006-04-04 Mark Woodingmpreduce: Debug decomposition corrupts initial state...
2006-04-04 Mark Woodingfactorial: Fix usage message to fit in with conventions.
2006-04-04 Mark Woodingcleanup: Various aesthetic fiddlings of little consequence.
2006-02-17 Mark Woodingutils: Make very bad ECM factoring program.
2006-02-15 Mark Woodingdebian: Fix package sections.
2006-02-11 Mark Woodingdh_kcdsagen: Generate cofactor first.
2006-02-11 Mark Woodingdh, keyutil: Implement KCDSA key generation.
2006-02-11 Mark Woodingdh-limlee: Make code return PGEN_ABORT on error, like...
2006-02-11 Mark Woodingpgen-safe: Expunge.
2006-02-11 Mark Woodingbbs-gen: Don't use the safe stepper.
2006-02-11 Mark Woodingdh-gen: Use new simultaneous prime search.
2006-02-11 Mark Woodingpgen: Implement general simultaneous-primality searching.
2006-02-11 Mark Woodingpgen: Declare steppers and so on as being `pgen_proc's.
2006-02-11 Mark Woodingpgen_safetest: Use a separate witness for each test.
2006-02-07 Mark Woodinggcd: General tidying up.
2006-02-07 Mark Woodinginfra: Clean up project setup
2006-02-04 Mark Woodinggf: Fix gf_irreduciblep() for small-degree polynomials.
2006-02-04 Mark Woodingpgen/pfilt: Special cases for primality checking.
2006-02-04 Mark Woodingtests: Fix tests for 222c8a43... (mp-modsqrt change).
2006-02-01 Mark Woodinginfra: Remove BRANCHES file.
2006-02-01 Mark Woodingmp-modsqrt: Always return the smaller possible square...
2006-01-29 Mark Woodingmp-gcd: Add tests for mp_modinv.
2006-01-28 Mark WoodingExtract Subversion ignore data.
2005-12-06 mdwcatcrypt security fix: sign metadata.
2005-10-26 mdwAllow insertion of new random data into the pool as...
2005-10-26 mdwCorrectly work with the bizarre negative bases the...
2005-10-24 mdwFix maintainer email address.
2005-10-05 mdwFix segfault in retagging.
2005-09-30 mdwAccept `-' as a name for standard input.
2005-09-27 mdwFix catsign verify for -C.
2005-09-27 mdwOptionally turn off checking of keys.
2005-09-27 mdwEliminate buggy clone-and-hack keyreport functions.
2005-09-27 mdwCheck freshness on signatures.
2005-09-27 mdwBug fix for key_match
2005-09-27 mdwkey getattr
2005-09-23 mdwRemove buf bits which moved to mLib. Fix email addresses.
2005-09-22 mdwMake name and value outputs of key_nextattr optional.
2005-09-22 mdwMajor and incompatible overhaul of key_data representat...
2005-09-20 mdwExport better list of errors.
2005-09-20 mdwReport error in key_create.
2005-09-15 mdwFixes for Cygwin.
2005-09-14 mdwIncompatibly fix fingerprinting again. Sigh.