descriptionCatacomb cryptographic library (downstream of
last changeFri, 9 Aug 2013 12:52:44 +0000 (13:52 +0100)
2013-08-09 Mark Woodingmath/gfreduce.[ch]: Fix out-of-bounds memory access. master
2013-08-09 Mark Woodingmath/gfreduce.c: Refactor and document.
2013-08-09 Mark Woodingmath/gfreduce.h: Missing include.
2013-08-09 Mark Woodingmath/*.awk: These should have been killed when `mpgen...
2013-08-06 Mark Woodingmath/t/mpreduce: Add a slew more randomized tests.
2013-08-06 Mark Woodingmath/mpreduce.[ch]: Extend the domain to all positive...
2013-08-06 Mark Woodingutils/naf.c: Wrap up the state machine correctly.
2013-08-06 Mark Woodingmath/mpgen: Remove spurious newlines in `mplimits.c'.
2013-08-05 Mark Woodingutils/naf.c: Non-adjacent form calculator, from math...
2013-08-05 Mark Woodingmath/mpreduce.c: Remove ancient debugging code.
2013-08-05 Mark Woodingmath/gfreduce.c: Fix misformatting in the commentary.
2013-08-05 Mark Woodingmath/mpreduce.c: Add extensive commentary.
2013-08-05 Mark Woodingmath/mpreduce.h: Missing include files.
2013-08-05 Mark Woodingmath/mp-jacobi.c: Improve the presentation.
2013-08-05 Mark Woodingmath/ec-prime.c: Fix commentary typo.
2013-08-05 Mark Woodingmath/ec.c (ec_stdsub): Remove redundant `EC_FIX'.
8 years ago master