.links: Drop obsolete `lib-config.in' file.
[u/mdw/catacomb] / dh.h
2007-01-29 Mark Woodingcleanup: Big pile of whitespace fixes, all at once.
2006-02-11 Mark Woodingdh, keyutil: Implement KCDSA key generation.
2005-03-05 mdwExport the code to transform DH or EC table entries...
2004-10-20 mdwSupport subgroups of binary fields.
2004-04-08 mdwExpunge revision histories in files.
2004-04-01 mdwAdd cyclic group abstraction, with test code. Separate...
2001-02-03 mdwAdd consistency checking for public keys.
2000-07-29 mdwSupply commentry for the Diffie-Hellman parameters...
2000-07-01 mdwNew functions for freeing public and private keys.
2000-06-17 mdwMinor changes for key fetching.
2000-02-12 mdwOverhaul of key management (again).
1999-12-10 mdwChange header file guard names.
1999-11-20 mdwAdd Diffie-Hellman support.