math/mpreduce.h: Missing include files.
[u/mdw/catacomb] / math /
2013-08-05 Mark Woodingmath/mpreduce.h: Missing include files.
2013-08-05 Mark Woodingmath/mp-jacobi.c: Improve the presentation.
2013-08-05 Mark Woodingmath/ec-prime.c: Fix commentary typo.
2013-08-05 Mark Woodingmath/ec.c (ec_stdsub): Remove redundant `EC_FIX'.
2013-08-05 Mark Woodingmath/mp-modsqrt.c: Reformat and add commentary.
2013-08-05 Mark Woodingmath/mp.h, math/mp-jacobi.c: Whitespace fix.
2013-06-28 Mark WoodingMollify various warnings which occur in 64-bit builds.
2013-06-28 Mark WoodingUse the shiny new `mLib' warning-control macros.
2013-06-28 Mark WoodingMuffle GCC warnings in various ways.
2013-06-25 Mark WoodingOverhaul `math' representation machinery.
2013-06-22 Mark WoodingGenerate precomputed tables as sources in `precomps/'.
2013-06-22 Mark WoodingRearrange the file tree.