2012-01-11 Mark Woodingdebian/copyright: Explain the origin and copyright... master
2012-01-11 Mark WoodingProvide 6x13O as a BDF source and generate a PCF from...
2012-01-11 Mark WoodingSupport for bold and oblique versions of 6x13.
2012-01-11 Mark Woodingmkrules: Correct handling of multiple foundry mappings.
2012-01-11 Mark Woodingmkrules: Handle multiple files with the same metrics.
2012-01-11 Mark WoodingMakefile: Make sure the `rules' directory exists.
2012-01-10 Ian Jacksonfix messages etc.
2012-01-10 Ian Jacksonuse template for confirm q
2012-01-10 Ian Jacksonslight template improvements
2012-01-10 Ian Jacksonnew changelog entry
2012-01-10 Ian Jacksoncosmetics
2012-01-10 Ian Jacksonbetter config file handling
2012-01-10 Ian Jacksonwip new config
2012-01-10 Ian Jacksonfix wide characters; tested iso10646
2012-01-09 Ian Jacksonremove spurious blank
2012-01-09 Ian Jacksonbug report
2012-01-09 Ian Jacksonfix iso10646 trad
2012-01-09 Ian Jacksonwip
2012-01-09 Ian Jacksonadd missing stuff to make clean
2012-01-09 Ian Jacksonchange default
2012-01-09 Ian Jacksonfix up some lintian things
2012-01-09 Ian Jacksonfix postinst bug
2012-01-09 Ian Jacksonran debconf-updatepo
2012-01-09 Ian Jacksonwip po-debconf
2012-01-09 Ian Jacksondo not mess with high-codepoint quotes
2012-01-09 Ian Jacksonpackaging fixes
2012-01-09 Ian Jacksonfixes
2012-01-09 Ian Jacksonmanpage
2012-01-09 Ian Jacksonreprocess when needed
2012-01-09 Ian Jacksonwip packaging
2012-01-09 Ian Jacksonwip maint scripts
2012-01-09 Ian Jacksonuse gunzip not zcat
2012-01-09 Ian Jacksonmore packaging
2012-01-09 Ian Jacksonbetter about when to update fonts.dir
2012-01-09 Ian Jacksonbetter reporting; update mode
2012-01-09 Ian Jackson--process-fonttree
2012-01-09 Ian Jacksonprocess pcfs
2012-01-08 Ian Jacksonwip update
2012-01-08 Ian Jacksonwip update
2012-01-08 Ian Jacksonwip update
2012-01-08 Ian Jacksonmore complete rules
2012-01-08 Ian Jacksonsensible perms
2012-01-08 Ian Jacksonquoting of weird chars
2012-01-08 Ian Jacksonbuild system
2012-01-08 Ian Jacksonrule generation machinery
2012-01-07 Ian Jacksonoption parsing etc
2012-01-07 Ian Jacksonalways include default rules path
2012-01-07 Ian Jacksonoption parsing
2012-01-07 Ian Jacksonwip copyright file
2012-01-07 Ian Jacksonrunes
2012-01-07 Ian Jacksonfilters
2012-01-07 Ian Jacksonwip
2012-01-07 Ian Jacksonwip