2019-09-05 Mark WoodingRelease 1.3.3. master 1.3.3
2019-09-05 Mark WoodingMerge branch 'master' of
2019-08-09 Mark WoodingRelease 1.3.2. 1.3.2
2019-08-09 Mark Woodingskelrc.sod: Add skeleton for Sod.
2019-02-14 Mark WoodingRelease 1.3.2.
2019-02-14 Mark Add template for Rust.
2018-05-19 Mark WoodingRelease 1.3.1. 1.3.1
2018-05-19 Mark Woodingskelrc.scala: Add definition for Scala.
2017-09-15 Mark WoodingRelease
2017-09-15 Mark Woodingskelrc: Change the fill-column semantics.
2017-09-15 Mark Woodingskelrc: Reflow the `Temple Place' address and add a...
2017-09-15 Mark WoodingRelease 1.3.0. 1.3.0
2017-09-15 Mark Woodingdebian/: Overhaul and fix build arrangements.
2017-09-15 Mark Woodingskelrc.S: Support for assembler sources.
2017-09-15 Mark Woodingskelrc: Refactor and expand the GPL machinery.
2017-09-15 Mark Woodingskelrc: New function to insert flowed paragraphs.
2017-09-15 Mark Woodingskelrc: Shiny new function to return an expanded string.
2017-09-15 Mark Woodingskelrc: Add a debugging utility.
2017-09-15 Mark Woodingskeleton.texi: Remove obsolete CVS `$Id$' marker.
2017-09-15 Mark Base on the correct template.
2013-02-07 Mark Woodingskelrc: Stanza for the GNU Affero General Public License.
2011-12-19 Mark WoodingVersion 1.2.4. 1.2.4
2011-12-19 Mark Woodingskeleton, skelrc, skelrc.script: Variable shebang lines.
2011-12-19 Mark Woodingskelrc.{pl,pm,py,sh}: Factor out common definitions.
2011-12-18 Mark Woodingskelrc: Eradicate long lines from `skel-alist' setup...
2011-12-18 Mark Woodingskelrc: Apply comment-block prefix to licence texts...
2011-12-18 Mark Woodingskelrc: Add docstrings for functions and variables.
2011-12-16 Mark Settings for shell scripts.
2011-11-22 Mark, New comment convention.
2009-10-10 Mark Woodingskelrc.tex: Skeletons for (La)TeX documents.
2009-01-29 Mark WoodingMakefile: actually substitute @skeldir@ onion in skel.el. 1.2.3
2009-01-13 Mark WoodingVersion 1.2.2. 1.2.2
2009-01-13 Mark WoodingMinor formatting changes to skelrcs.
2009-01-13 Mark WoodingBuild system spring-clean.
2009-01-13 Mark WoodingFix whitespace errors.
2008-03-03 Mark WoodingAdd skeletons for Scheme code and Autotest. 1.2.1
2008-02-10 Mark Woodingdebian: Update for new version. 1.2.0
2008-02-10 Mark WoodingSpring cleaning.
2008-02-10 Mark WoodingInfra: Ignore boring files.
2007-01-27 Mark Woodingskelrc: Strip trailing whitespace when making banners.
2007-01-27 Mark Woodingskel.el: Reformat long line.
2007-01-27 Mark Woodingcleanup: Remove trailing whitespace.
2007-01-27 Mark Woodingconfigure: Generate the skeleton path correctly.
2006-04-24 Mark Woodingskel-do-fill-in: Save match data properly.
2006-04-24 Mark WoodingIndent the docstrings.
2006-04-24 Mark Woodingskeleton: Remove the pointless CVS `id' line.
2006-02-06 mdwdebian: Fix maintainer address.
2005-07-03 mdwA few more skeletons.
2004-09-11 mdwRemove revision history banners. Kill old CVS cruft. 1.1.1
2004-04-08 mdwExpunge revision histories in files.
2003-11-29 mdwMissed one.
2003-11-29 mdwDebianization. 1.1.0
2002-09-28 mdwHaskell support
2000-07-07 mdwAdd a new BSD-ish licence.
1999-12-22 mdwVersion bump. 1.0.3
1999-12-22 mdwSupport MXD files.
1999-12-22 mdwNew guard constant names.
1999-11-26 mdwAdd another GPL banner to accomodate wide program names.
1999-09-04 mdwVersion bump. 1.0.2
1999-08-23 mdwSupport Objective-C.
1999-08-20 mdwSlight twiddles to the Lisp code.
1999-08-09 mdwJava skeleton added.
1999-07-27 mdwFix relative order of `automake' and `autoconf'.
1999-07-10 mdwFix the standard Emacs mode for WML.
1999-06-17 mdwHandle strange characters in filenames properly.
1999-06-01 mdwVersion bump.
1999-06-01 mdwTwiddle some newlines in the the `postamble' to make...
1999-06-01 mdwAdd support for `wml' files.
1999-05-13 mdwChange `-ise' to `-ize' throughout.
1999-05-06 mdwFix the version number to be three-part, rather than...
1999-05-06 mdwReformat the LGPL notice a little.
1999-05-05 mdwForce emacs-lisp mode.
1999-05-05 mdwLots of support for extra stuff in the licensing notice...
1999-05-05 mdwMisc tidying.
1999-05-05 mdwRemove redundant call to `AM_PROG_INSTALL'.
1999-05-05 mdwScript to transform CVS sources into buildable source...
1999-04-06 mdwIgnore the output Makefile
1999-04-06 mdwAdd in a section for static variables.
1999-04-05 mdwIgnore uninteresting files.
1999-04-05 mdwInitial revision