descriptionSecnet virtual private network: clone of
ownerMark Wooding
last changeTue, 25 Apr 2017 12:05:53 +0000 (13:05 +0100)
2017-04-25 Ian JacksonMerge remote-tracking branch 'mdw/mdw/powm-sec' master
2017-04-23 Ian JacksonWhen turning on debug, turn on verbose too.
2017-04-23 Ian JacksonWhen printing messages about dropping IPv6, do not...
2017-04-23 Ian Jacksonfixup! polypath: Introduce comm-info/dedicated
2017-04-23 Ian Jacksonfixup! polypath: Plumb ifname_wanted
2017-04-23 Ian Jacksonfixup! polypath: change return type of ifname_wanted
2017-04-23 Ian Jacksonchangelog: mention hippotat
2017-04-23 Ian Jacksonpolypath: Introduce comm-info/dedicated-interface-addr
2017-04-23 Ian Jacksonpolypath: Break out polypath_sendmsg_interf
2017-04-23 Ian Jacksonpolypath: Plumb ifname_wanted `want' through privsep...
2017-04-23 Ian Jacksonpolypath: change return type of ifname_wanted, to char
2017-04-23 Ian Jacksoncomm clientinfo: site: Pass comm-info to comm
2017-04-23 Ian Jacksoncomm clientinfo: Provide clientinfo interface
2017-04-23 Ian Jacksonsite: Introduce comm_addr_sendmsg
2017-04-23 Ian Jacksonconffile: Provide dict_read_dict
2016-09-28 Mark Woodingdh.c, rsa.c: use `mpz_powm_sec' for modexps.
4 years ago v0.4.0 secnet 0.4.0
4 years ago v0.4.0_beta2 secnet 0.4.0~beta2
4 years ago v0.3.4 secnet 0.3.4
4 years ago v0.3.3 secnet 0.3.3
4 years ago debian/0.3.3_beta1 Debian release 0.3.3~beta1
4 years ago v0.3.2 secnet 0.3.2
5 years ago debian/0.3.2_beta1 Debian release 0.3.2~beta1
5 years ago v0.3.1 secnet 0.3.1
5 years ago debian/0.3.1_beta3 Debian release 0.3.1~beta3
5 years ago debian/0.3.1_beta2 Debian release 0.3.1~beta2
5 years ago debian/0.3.1_beta1 Debian release 0.3.1~beta1
5 years ago v0.3.0 secnet 0.3.0
5 years ago debian/0.3.0_beta3 Debian release 0.3.0~beta3
5 years ago debian/0.3.0_beta2 Debian release 0.3.0~beta2
6 years ago debian/0.3.0_beta1 Debian release 0.3.0~beta1
7 years ago v0.2.1 secnet release 0.2.1
23 months ago mdw/xdh
23 months ago mdw/baseline
2 years ago master