2018-06-30 Mark Woodingdep.lisp: Report out-of-date deps as being `stale'. master
2018-06-30 Mark Woodingdep.lisp: Prefix diagnostic output with `;;'.
2018-06-30 Mark Woodingdep.lisp: Fix formatting in docstrings and messages.
2018-06-30 Mark Woodingdep.lisp (recompute-dep-value): Refactor the flag calcu...
2018-06-30 Mark Woodingdep.lisp (%dep-value): Document why this is a separate...
2018-06-30 Mark Woodingdep.lisp (%dep-value): Force the dep before registering...
2017-09-20 Mark Woodingsys-base.lisp (set-command-line-arguments): Rewrite...
2017-09-20 Mark Woodingoptparse.lisp: Fix spurious indentation after the usage...
2017-09-20 Mark Woodingmdw-base.lisp: Export `case2' correctly.
2016-06-27 Mark Woodingoptparse.lisp: Fix stupid paren-positioning blunders.
2016-04-15 Mark WoodingMerge slippers:src/lisp
2016-04-15 Mark WoodingLots of tidying up.
2016-04-14 Mark Woodingsys-base.lisp: Support for newer `uiop'-based `cl-launch'.
2016-04-14 Mark Woodingsys-base.lisp: Use not-deprecated function for quitting...
2015-10-22 Mark Woodinganaphora.lisp: Rewrite `asetf' to use `with-places...
2015-10-22 Mark Woodinganaphora.lisp: Export symbols near their definitions.
2015-10-22 Mark Woodingmdw-base.lisp: Rewrite `setf-default' using `with-place...
2015-10-22 Mark Woodingmdw-base.lisp: Move `with-places' to earlier in the...
2015-10-22 Mark Woodingmdw-base.lisp: Make locative slots be read-only.
2015-10-22 Mark Woodingmdw-base.lisp: Export symbols near their definitions.
2015-10-21 Mark Woodingmdw-base.lisp: Fix `inline' proclamation for `ref'.
2015-10-21 Mark Woodingmdw-base.lisp: Refactor `with-places' incompatibly.
2015-10-21 Mark Woodingmdw-base.lisp: Allow multiple arguments in `update...
2015-10-21 Mark Woodingmdw-base.lisp: Make section heading for `with-places...
2014-12-20 Mark Woodingoptparse.lisp: Move `ignorable' declaration into the...
2014-12-20 Mark WoodingWhitespace cleanups across the board.
2011-07-18 Mark Woodingsafely.lisp: Explicitly state which library to get...
2011-07-17 Mark Woodingsafely.lisp: More on the CLisp RENAME-FILE mess.
2011-06-19 Mark Woodingsafely.lisp: SAFE-COPY shouldn't make two copies under...
2011-06-09 Mark Woodingsafely.lisp: CLisp's POSIX:COPY-FILE :METHOD :RENAME...
2011-06-05 Mark Woodingsafely.lisp: Fix RENAME to cope with nontrivial directo...
2011-06-05 Mark Woodingsafely.lisp: Fix an indentation error.
2011-06-01 Mark WoodingMerge branch 'master' of metalzone:public-git/lisp
2011-06-01 Mark Woodingoptparse.lisp: Light reformatting.
2011-05-31 Mark WoodingMerge branch 'master' of
2011-05-31 Mark Woodingsafely.lisp: Fixes for later SBCL.
2011-05-30 Mark Woodingsafely.lisp: More CLisp fixing.
2011-05-22 Mark Woodingsafely.lisp: Hacking for CLisp support.
2010-04-15 Mark Woodingstr: Handy functions for testing prefixes/suffixes.
2010-04-15 Mark Woodingsafely: Fix useless use of APPLY in SAFELY-WRITING.
2009-11-18 Mark Woodingoptparse-test: Use better launch magic.
2009-11-18 Mark WoodingMerge branch 'master' of
2009-11-18 Mark Woodingsys-base: Fix support for CL-LAUNCH.
2009-02-09 Mark Woodingsys-base: Fix collection of command-line options for...
2009-02-09 Mark Woodingmdw-mop: Move DEFGENERIC of SLOT-DEFINITION-FILTER.
2009-01-13 Mark Woodingoptparse-test: Fix to use cl-launch with /bin/sh hack.
2008-11-26 Mark Woodingsys-base: Further cl-launch improvement.
2008-11-26 Mark Woodingsys-base: Improve cl-launch support.
2008-11-10 Mark Woodingmdw-base: Replace (FORMAT T "~&") by (FRESH-LINE).
2008-06-16 Mark Woodingdep: Major overhaul.
2008-06-16 Mark Woodingqueue: Allow stuff to be pushed on the front.
2008-06-10 Mark Woodingweak: Kill race condition in ECL weak pointer implement...
2008-06-10 Mark Woodingdep: Use weak pointers for maintaining dependents.
2008-06-10 Mark Woodingweak: Uniform interface to weak pointers.
2008-06-09 Mark Woodingdep: Provide semantics for setting the value of a non...
2008-06-03 Mark Woodingqueue, dep: Dependent-value management.
2008-06-03 Mark Woodingsys-base: Support for cl-launch.
2008-04-19 Mark Woodingoptparse: Hack pretty-printing for CLisp.
2008-04-19 Mark Woodingoptparse: Prettify the error reporting.
2008-04-19 Mark WoodingTrack changes to runlisp.
2008-04-14 Mark WoodingFix constant-resetting.
2008-03-30 Mark WoodingUpgrade everything for SBCL.
2007-07-03 Mark Woodingoptparse: Expose function for printing options.
2007-07-03 Mark Woodingheap: Simple binary heaps for priority queues and so on.
2007-07-03 Mark Woodingaa-tree: Simple balanced binary tree.
2007-07-03 Mark Woodingmdw-base (functionify): Coerce function designator...
2007-07-03 Mark WoodingKill trailing spaces.
2007-01-27 Mark WoodingMerge branch 'master' of /home/mdw/public-git/lisp
2006-12-24 Mark Woodingbase: with-parsed-body, different interface. public
2006-12-24 Mark Woodingcollect: Provide functional interface for collectors.
2006-12-19 Mark Woodingmdw-base (stringify): Use princ-to-string.
2006-12-19 Mark Woodingmdw-base (whitespace-char-p): Work out the whitespace...
2006-06-02 Mark Woodingbase: New macro setf-default.
2006-06-01 Mark Woodingbase: compile-time-defun should define in the interpreter.
2006-06-01 Mark WoodingMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://metalzone.distorted...
2006-06-01 Mark Woodingcollect: New functions collect-append and collect-nconc.
2006-05-24 Mark Woodingsys-base: Portability fixes again.
2006-05-24 Mark WoodingPorting stuff.
2006-05-24 Mark WoodingMerge branch 'master' of /home/mdw/public-git/lisp
2006-05-24 Mark Woodingoptparse: Process docstring and declarations correctly...
2006-05-24 Mark Woodinggitignore: Ignore CLisp FASL files.
2006-05-24 Mark WoodingVarious: Try porting the code to CLisp.
2006-05-18 Mark Woodingmop: New macro with-slot-variables.
2006-05-18 Mark Woodingmop: Rearrange a bit.
2006-05-17 Mark WoodingMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://metalzone.distorted...
2006-05-17 Mark Woodingoptparse: Make enum opthandler take an evaluated list.
2006-05-17 Mark Woodingasdf: Provide more package information and dependencies.
2006-05-17 Mark Woodingsys-base: Only use the extensions package from CMUCL.
2006-05-17 Mark Woodingbase: Export unsigned-fixnum as a handy type to have.
2006-05-17 Mark WoodingMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://guvnor.distorted...
2006-05-17 Mark Woodingbase: New `until' macro does the obvious thing.
2006-05-13 Mark Woodinginfix: Overhaul the readtable installer.
2006-05-13 Mark Woodinginfix: Replace multiple-value constructs with a single...
2006-05-13 Mark Woodinginfix: Remove redundant progn in loop expander
2006-05-13 Mark Woodinginfix: Make delim's requiredp argument optional rather...
2006-05-12 Mark Woodingmop: Use CMUCL's `mop' package instead of `pcl'.
2006-05-11 Mark Woodingsafely: Temporary file name changes.
2006-05-11 Mark Woodingmop: New metaclass for singleton classes: ensures only...
2006-05-11 Mark Woodingshow: Handle multiple values correctly.
2006-05-07 Mark Woodingmop: Handy function for making modified copies of insta...