2006-03-10 Mark Woodinginfra: Clean up project setup master
2006-03-10 Mark WoodingExpunge revision histories.
2006-03-10 Mark WoodingExtract Subversion ignore data.
2002-02-02 mdwProvide a decent interface for finding out about the...
2002-02-02 mdwRemove bogus debugging. Reduce output buffer size...
2002-02-02 mdwDon't distribute the text samples. Generating them...
2002-02-02 mdwBuild Makefile for sounds directory.
2002-02-02 mdwNew audio subsystem.
2002-02-02 mdwFetch SDL. Define configurable paths.
2002-02-02 mdwConstruct text `samples' automatically.
2002-02-02 mdwMissing header.
2002-02-02 mdwUse configurable path.
2002-02-02 mdwAdd tracing options and compiled-in paths.
2002-02-02 mdwDocumentation about the Windows PlaySound API.
2002-02-02 mdwAll the new audio stuff.
2002-02-02 mdwNow need config.sub and config.guess.
2002-02-02 mdwMore ignored files.
2002-01-30 mdwNew header file.
2002-01-30 mdwParse tracing options on the command-line.
2002-01-30 mdwNew global header file, declares trace codes.
2002-01-30 mdwTransport configuration overhaul. Configuration string...
2002-01-30 mdwMinor modifications for the transport configuration...
2002-01-30 mdwModify for new transport configuration. Set PowerJog...
2002-01-30 mdwRestructure for new transport configuration interface.
2002-01-30 mdwFollow new transport configuration interface. Add...
2002-01-30 mdwUse memory-allocation functions provided by the REXX...
2002-01-25 mdwInitial revision