2013-01-13 Mark Woodingdebian: Rebuild for newer Pythons. master
2009-10-04 Mark Woodingdebian, build: Big overhaul. 1.0.1
2006-11-21 Mark Woodingdebian: Just build for the default version.
2006-02-15 Mark Woodingdebian: Fix package sections.
2006-02-08 Mark Woodinginfra: Add a copy of the GPL.
2006-02-06 Mark WoodingExtract Subversion ignore data.
2006-02-06 mdwFix Debianization.
2006-02-06 mdwFix Python package name.
2006-02-06 mdwAdd simple Makefile.
2005-10-05 mdwOoops, pack the header file.
2005-10-05 mdwOoops, make the default package actually install someth...
2005-10-04 mdwOops. Wrong section.
2005-10-04 mdwIgnore some stuff. Write a README.
2005-10-04 mdwInitial checkin.
2005-10-04 mdwNew project.