1999-08-20 mdwVersion bump. 1.1.0
1999-08-19 mdwImprove lexical analysis. In particular, `chmod' patte...
1999-07-30 mdwMinor tidying and typo correction.
1999-07-27 mdwAesthetic change: move autoheader before autoconf.
1999-07-27 mdwVarious minor portability fixes.
1999-07-27 mdwImprove documentation and layout for @CONF_BEGIN@ and...
1999-07-26 mdwRelatively minor changes to support new functionality.
1999-07-26 mdwSocket address type management.
1999-07-26 mdwNew socket address types.
1999-07-26 mdwSupport code for new design.
1999-07-26 mdwNew sources and targets.
1999-07-26 mdwInfrastructure for the new design.
1999-07-26 mdwDocument lots of new features and syntax.
1999-07-26 mdwLots of changes to source files for new design.
1999-07-26 mdwAdd DECL_ENVIRON.
1999-07-26 mdwMajor reconstruction work for new design.
1999-07-26 mdwChange copyright notice.
1999-07-26 mdwMinor modifications for new design.
1999-07-26 mdwComplete rewrite. Allow a list of character sources...
1999-07-26 mdwObsoleted by new design.
1999-07-03 mdwLog connections to syslog or stderr as appropriate. 1.0.0
1999-07-03 mdwAdd flag saying whether to log messages to syslog or...
1999-07-03 mdwPerform a forward resolution to verify result of revers...
1999-07-03 mdwVarious changes. Add configuration grammar to help...
1999-07-03 mdwInstall and distribute new manual page.
1999-07-03 mdwNew manual page.
1999-07-01 mdwInitial revision