2013-04-06 Mark Woodinggo-fringe.go: Remove all of the `;' statement terminators. master
2013-04-03 Mark Woodingf#-fringe.fs: Return to a simple mode line, but with...
2013-04-01 Mark WoodingMakefile: Apparently Algol 68 Genie now has a compiler...
2013-04-01 Mark Woodingalgol68-fringe.a68: Fix stupid typo in a comment.
2013-04-01 Mark Wooding.gitignore: Ignore CLisp droppings.
2013-04-01 Mark Woodingcl-fringe.lisp: Fix the `cl-launch' machinery.
2013-04-01 Mark Woodingsbcl-build: Improve error handling and generally tidy up.
2013-04-01 Mark Woodingicon-fringe.icn: Give record types a capital letter.
2013-04-01 Mark Woodingicon-fringe.icn: Rearrange some of the code a little.
2013-04-01 Mark WoodingMakefile, sbcl-build: Refresh the Common Lisp build...
2013-04-01 Mark Woodinghaskell-fringe.hs: The libraries have moved around...
2013-04-01 Mark Woodinggo-fringe.go: Language change: `closed' function on...
2013-04-01 Mark WoodingMakefile: The `Go' build system has been turned upside...
2013-04-01 Mark Woodingalgol68-fringe.a68: Empty row displays are apparently...
2013-04-01 Mark Woodingalgol68-fringe.a68: Change the Emacs mode hint.
2013-04-01 Mark WoodingMakefile: The F# compiler has changed its name.
2013-04-01 Mark WoodingVarious files: Whitespace fixes.
2013-04-01 Mark Woodingf#-fringe.fs: The F# compiler really doesn't like tabs.
2010-12-30 Mark WoodingNew language: Dylan.
2010-12-30 Mark Woodingcl-fringe.lisp: Gratuitously allow :START and :END...
2010-12-05 Mark Woodingalgol68-fringe: New language.
2010-07-05 Mark Woodingforth: Implement some simple structure-defining words...
2010-07-05 Mark Woodingerlang: Rename language from `erl'.
2010-07-05 Mark Woodingforth: New language.
2010-06-20 Mark WoodingNew language: Erlang.
2010-06-20 Mark WoodingMakefile: Tweak various compiler options for quieter...
2010-06-19 Mark WoodingMakefile: Silent-rules stuff.
2010-06-19 Mark Woodingcl-fringe.lisp: Abstract out the startup stuff.
2010-06-19 Mark Wooding.gitignore: Don't worry about FASL files.
2010-06-19 Mark Woodingscheme-fringe.scm: Don't need to import `syntax-case...
2009-11-30 Mark Woodinghaskell: Trivial reformatting.
2009-11-30 Mark Woodinggo: New language.
2009-11-29 Mark Woodingsmalltalk: Abstract out the common iteration protocol...
2009-11-29 Mark Woodinghaskell: Remove some redundant parenthesis.
2009-11-18 Mark Woodinghaskell: Tidy up the parser using proper monadic combin...
2009-11-18 Mark Woodingcl, scheme: Introduce `reduce' functions.
2009-11-18 Mark Woodingcruft.el: Some Emacs tweaking.
2009-11-18 Mark Woodingf#: Tidy same_iterators_p a little.
2009-11-18 Mark WoodingMakefile: Remove redundant `.o' suffix from Scheme...
2009-11-18 Mark WoodingMakefile: Gather statistics and report them.
2009-11-18 Mark Woodingf#: Fix Emacs mode header.
2009-11-18 Mark Woodingcl: Tidy up parser slightly.
2009-11-18 Mark Woodingcl: Unpleasant hack to fetch program name.
2009-11-18 Mark Woodingscheme: Use `resume' to switch coroutines.
2009-11-17 Mark Woodingcl: Dump a core image to improve startup times.
2009-11-17 Mark WoodingMakefile: Print timing information in test output.
2009-11-17 Mark WoodingInitial version.