math/mpreduce.h: Missing include files.
[u/mdw/catacomb] / progs /
2013-07-11 Mark Woodingprogs/catsign.1: Fix the warning about `verify' output.
2013-07-11 Mark Woodingprogs/catsign.c: Remove old debugging code.
2013-07-10 Mark Woodingprogs/pixie.c: Use GNU capital-letter convention in...
2013-07-10 Mark Woodingprogs/pixie.[c1]: Don't replace the existing pixie...
2013-06-30 Mark Woodingprogs/cookie.c: Constant-time MAC tag checking.
2013-06-28 Mark WoodingMollify various warnings which occur in 64-bit builds.
2013-06-28 Mark Woodingpixie.c: Use `socklen_t' rather than `size_t'.
2013-06-28 Mark Woodingkey/pixie-common.c, progs/pixie.c: Handle error returns...
2013-06-28 Mark Woodingprogs/pixie.c: Fix format security bugs.
2013-06-28 Mark WoodingUse the shiny new `mLib' warning-control macros.
2013-06-28 Mark Woodingprogs: Fix a number of format-related errors.
2013-06-28 Mark Woodingprogs/pixie.c: Rewrite list hacking to avoid strict...
2013-06-28 Mark Woodingprogs/pixie.c: Rename `log' function to `pxlog'.
2013-06-22 Mark WoodingRearrange the file tree.