math/mpreduce.h: Missing include files.
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2013-06-22 Mark WoodingRearrange the file tree.
2013-06-22 Mark Replace with a new version.
2013-06-05 Mark WoodingAbandon the `m4'-based build system. And there was...
2013-06-02 Mark Wooding.links: Drop obsolete `' file.
2012-05-03 Mark WoodingUse auto-version machinery for building.
2006-02-07 Mark Woodinginfra: Clean up project setup
2005-04-27 mdwFix for new automake.
2000-08-15 mdwNew library configuration stuff from `common'.
1999-10-24 mdwDistribute GPL notice.
1999-09-03 mdwInitial import.